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    This is Why Teachers Need Wabisabi Right Now

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    This is Why Teachers Need Wabisabi Right Now

    Teachers are some of the busiest people around. Not only are you responsible for your students, but  in many ways you’re responsible for their results. Assessments, reporting, planning, and more all add to the workload, and it often seems like there’s no relief in sight. 

    Rest assured it doesn’t have to be that way. With the help of the Wabisabi app, you can make these challenges and more a breeze, and enjoy doing it. 

    In this article we’re going to explore some of the best teacher-oriented features of the Wabisabi app. You’ll learn why it’s an educator’s best friend in classrooms all over the world. As a teacher, Wabisabi lets you:

    • Build custom classrooms and learner profiles
    • Attach curricular standards to projects
    • Assess students, comment on portfolios, and execute reporting in real time
    • Work collaboratively with your colleagues
    • Access premium unit plans written by our team

    Watch the video below to find out more about Wabisabi.



    Why the Wabisabi App is a Teacher's Best Friend

    As a Wabisabi app user, any teacher has the ability to create their own classrooms right inside the app. It’s a virtual learning playground where you and your students explore, discover, and grow together. Students create media-driven portfolios as evidence of learning, that you can both edit and comment on in real time, right inside the app.

    teacher-classroomWabisabi lets you create custom classrooms easily, and generate unique classroom codes for your learners to join with. Class codes allow your students to log into your classroom without an email and password or a personal account, or join your classroom if they already have their own account. 


    Assess Against Your Standards Easily

    Working with your curricular standards has never been simpler, either. Search your standards by keyword and add them easily to learner profiles. You can even organize them by category and make use of Wabisabi’s unique curriculum mapping feature to plan curriculum for the week, the month, or the year. 

    add-standardsAre you interested in working alongside your colleagues, online as well as offline? If so, the Wabisabi app has got you covered. You can add co-teachers to any of your classrooms through your personal settings. Search for and select the teachers to add by first name, last name, or email.


    Top-Notch Lesson Planning

    Where do you go once your classroom is built, students are ready, and colleagues are added? Why, to planning lessons of course, and you can’t do it anywhere like you can on the Wabisabi app. Create your own lessons from scratch using our Future Fluencies-based templates, use a blank template, or upload one you've already prepared. Next, add standards, media, custom resources for students to use, and much more.

    custom-lesson-plansYou’ll never run out of inspiration either, because Wabisabi’s master team of teachers is on the job. We’ve created a whole database of premium inquiry-based, PBL, and STEM lesson plans for you to explore and use in your teaching. Add as many as you like to your own custom library, and build a hub of learning right in your own little corner of the app.


    Wabisabi is Waiting For You

    Wabisabi truly is “teaching simplified and learning amplified.” All this and more is waiting for you in either the Web app version or our popular iOS app. And here’s even better news—you can now get Wabisabi Premium for 1 full year, absolutely free. Check out the details below, and get ready to get excited about teaching all over again.


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