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    Enjoy 15% Off All Wabisabi Critical Thinking Books and More

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    Enjoy 15% Off All Wabisabi Critical Thinking Books and More

    If you've been following Wabisabi Learning for awhile (and we know you have), then you know that we've developed a line of incredibly popular books as teaching materials. In fact, this year at ISTE 2019 in Philidelphia, we sold out of ALL our Wabisabi critical thinking books and others in under two hours. 

    Unfortunately, not all of you could join us in the city of brotherly love, and we get it. But luckily, we haven't forgotten about you. That's why we are now offering a 15% discount on all Wabisabi learning books for a limited time. These are the best books for teachers and now's your chance to save on all of them.

    Why Take 5 When You Can Take 15 (Off, That Is)?

    Whenever you go to purchase a book at our store, the coupon code TAKE15OFF will be automatically applied to the purchase price. You'll save 15% on our most popular titles, all of which are listed below. 

    These are the top books for teachers to read from our store. Check them out and find one that interests you, and then go grab it at 15% off.

    CT-companion-TP-coverThe Critical Thinking Companion

    Introducing the ultimate critical thinking teacher's resource. It has everything you need and more for developing and assessing critical thinking skills in your students. This guide is packed full of cool tools, engaging games and activities, and lots of brain-boosting challenges in full colour. It's a critical compendium for any modern teacher.

    EQ-guide-SM-cover-copy-2The Essential Guide to Essential Questions

    Here is our most essential companion yet, The Essential Guide to Essential Questions. You can knock your essential questions out of the park with this premium guide. If you've been searching for the ultimate teacher's manual for understanding, developing and assessing essential questions, then your search is over.

    EQ-guide-SM-cover-copyThe Solution Fluency Companion

    Presenting the ultimate guide to mastering Solution Fluency, from understanding to assessment and beyond. The Solution Fluency Companion is packed with tips and tools designed to help you utilize, communicate, and facilitate the 6Ds of Solution Fluency in your classroom environments within the context of the required curriculum.

    book-template-shadowed_700xRestorative Practices: Better Outcomes Through Solution Fluency

    A remarkable shift is happening in schools all over the world. We are now seeing our global educators looking toward using the healing power of restorative practices to resolve disputes and to repair damaged relationships. This info-packed educator's guide explores how the problem-solving power of Solution Fluency harmonizes with the restorative practices model of conflict resolution in today's modern schools.

    FFL-guide-SM-cover-copy_700xFuture-Focused Learning: 10 Essential Shifts of Everyday Practice

    A culmination of Lee Watanabe-Crockett's 10-plus years of work with schools around the world, Future-Focused Learning details ten core shifts of practice—along with simple microshifts—you can use with your students immediately, regardless of your core curriculum or instructional pedagogy. These proven shifts offer a clear pathway for taking the great work you are already doing and making it exceptional.

    MA-guide-SM-cover-copy_700xMindful Assessment: The 6 Essential Fluencies of Innovative Learning

    It is time to rethink the relationship between teaching and learning and assess the crucial skills students need to succeed in the 21st century. Educators must focus assessment on mindfulness and feedback for improvement, framing assessment around six fluencies students need to cultivate. The book provides scenarios, lessons, activities, assessment rubrics, and more for helping you bring true mindful assessment practices to your classrooms.

    GGDC-guide-SM-cover-copy_700xGrowing Global Digital Citizens: Better Practices That Build Better Learners

    This practical guide explores how to transform education through the concept of global digital citizenship (GDC). Embraced by thousands of schools, GDC practices empower students to effectively and ethically participate in and contribute to the digital world around them. The authors provide a clear path for establishing a GDC program in your school and ensuring your students grow into considerate, respectful, and responsible global citizens.

    What Are Folks Saying?

    Here are some of the kind words people have shouted out to us about the Wabisabi Learning books we've shared with them.

    The Critical Thinking Companion

    "Fantastic resource! I am a teacher, and this critical thinking companion will come in handy in the classroom!"—Jeanette N.

    "This is full of amazing activities to do with your students, or just by yourself, along with some great basic understanding of what critical thinking is. The rubrics are exceptional and a great talking point with students. It helps me to have them understand what we are looking for in great thinkers. Please make more of this type of resource!"—Dale K.

    "I got this book a couple of weeks ago. It arrived quickly, and I have used it since then. It is well organized, with several useful activities and its design is colourful and attractive."—Mariana Q.

    Restorative Practices Guide

    "Great, easy to understand curriculum. We are passing the word/book on to others, Hope you see exponential sales increase and better yet, actual practice feedback that's as positive."—Robert R.

    "What an outstanding little book. It gets right to the heart of the matter with a structured process based on understanding and compassion. It's a very clear and practical book with a detailed step-by-step process for the participants and facilitator. This should be standard practice in every business and school. Thank you for this excellent book!"—Dale K.

    Future Focused Learning

    "Any teacher, from beginner to veteran, will find practical and proven ideas for invigorating their teaching and enlivening student learning."—Jay McTighe, educational author and consultant

    "Teachers at any stage in their career can benefit from Future-Focused Learning. I can open to any chapter and find a valuable instructional shift and the reasoning behind it."—Lisa B. 

    "Future-Focused Learning has a gentle approach to challenging thinking while providing easy-to-implement suggestions that have great potential to impact student learning and increase success."—Eileen Depka, author, Raising the Rigor 

    Mindful Assessment

    "The authors have provided a much-needed guidebook for assessing some of the most important fluencies that lead to deeper learning."—James A. Bellanca, president, Illinois Consortium for 21st Century Schools

    "The project ideas contained throughout the book would make the cost worth it alone but add to that the comprehensive rubrics the authors include and the ways to create critical thinkers. They show step by step how to create lifelong learners."—Todd Stanley, Pickerington Local Schools

    "How does a teacher utilize the assessment of 21st-century fluencies to implement a learning environment conducive to preparing students for this new global society? This book is filled with exemplars of how to do it."—Dr. Guy G. Tetrault, Sun West School Division

    Growing Global Digital Citizens

    "This groundbreaking book is an exciting and fresh discussion of the dynamic responsibilities inherent to living in an ever-smaller global village, where respect for the planet and its inhabitants is as important as more iconic digital citizenship topics like privacy and social media."—Jacqui Murray, askateacher.com

    "Throughout this book, Lee and Andrew provide the why and how for schools, teachers, and parents to foster positive digital thinking in our students."—Craig Cantlie, GEMS Dubai American Academy

    "This book provides a user-friendly framework for teachers and school leaders to work collaboratively with students and their community to enhance learning as global digital citizens."—Marcus Knill, Department of Education and Child Development Australia

    What Are You Waiting For?

    The people have spoken, now it's time to get reading. Head on over to the Wabisabi Learning Store and start saving on these terrific titles. It's the perfect time to expand your professional development library, and bring amazing new learning adventures to your students. 


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