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    "No Big Deal" Copyright & Online Piracy [Infographic]

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    "No Big Deal" Copyright & Online Piracy [Infographic]

    via Vitrium

    Online piracy has not become less of a threat to industries and artists in recent years. The myth is that streaming services have taken pirates' attention away from torrenting and shifted it to services offered by Pandora, YouTube Music, and others.

    The truth is that it's more frequent than ever. This comes from Vitrium's post about the infographic below:

    In this infographic we’ve put together some statistics on the economic impact of online piracy and just how rampant file sharing has become. You can decide for yourself whether online piracy is “no big deal”, or if you need to start protecting your digital assets.

    What are your thoughts on the issue? How do we stop digital piracy—or can we?


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