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    Our Education History: Past, Present, & Future [Infographic]

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    Our Education History: Past, Present, & Future [Infographic]

    When it comes to education history, we've come a long way. Since the first writing appeared on cave walls, we've reinvented how and why we learn over and over again. So where did we begin, and what does the future hold? Boundless answered this question for us with the help of the infographic below.

    The folks at Boundless state (correctly) that in order to see where we're going, we need to know where we've been. We must look at our education history as far back as we can. Only then can we see what we've accomplished, and what we may yet be capable of.

    Our education history is a fascinating and enlightening journey. See for yourself how far we've come, and what we can yet look forward to.

    History of Education Infographic by Boundless

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