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    The Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs Poster for Teachers

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    The Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs Poster for Teachers

    When using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, it helps to have a list of verbs to know what actions define each stage of the taxonomy. This is useful for lesson planning, rubric making, and any other teacher-oriented task requiring planning and assessment strategies.

    That's why Future-Focused Learning has created this Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs Poster just for you. The Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs in this handy resource apply specifically to each stage of the taxonomy.

    They progress from LOTS (lower-order thinking skills) to the HOTS (higher-order thinking skills). It's an eye-catching  and informative resource that will make a great professional print for the wall in your office or your classroom. It's the ultimate Bloom's quick-reference tool for rubric design, lesson planning, and more. 


    Blooms Taxonomy Verbs

    A Quick Reference Tool for Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs

    Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy describes many traditional classroom practices, behaviours and actions, but doesn't necessarily account for the new processes and actions associated with newer emerging education technologies. The verbs listed in this resource are applicable to facilitating technology use in the modern classrooms.

    This Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs Poster is great for:

    • Understanding Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
    • Discovering and referencing action verbs
    • Developing descriptive rubrics
    • Top-notch lesson planning
    • Expanding your Bloom's vocabulary

    We hope you find this infographic of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs useful in your classroom practices. 

    Editor's note: This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Mar 11, 2017, updated September 21, 2021

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