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    80 Must-See Free Educational Resources

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    80 Must-See Free Educational Resources

    There are many great things about the Internet. One is that it has plenty of free educational resources for teachers. Back by popular demand, we're happy to share some here in the list below. It features 80 very unique and useful guides, links, and much more.

    We've done some mining to find free educational resources that really stand out. No matter your pleasure, there's something helpful here for every educator. Maybe you're:

    • structuring lessons about digital citizenship
    • teaching with video
    • discussing the Bard
    • learning about the design process
    • talking about student fitness
    • exploring classroom technology
    • looking to walk on the moon or tour the Sistine Chapel

    After digging through hundreds of picks, we've narrowed it down to 80 links for you. We could have gone with 1,000 but we know you have to get to class. Enjoy these very free educational resources for teachers. Don't forget to share!

    80 Free Educational Resources to Explore


    Technology & Social Media

    1. Educator’s Technology—Guide to Using the iPad in the Classroom
    2. Hack Education—What Should You Know About Education Technology
    3. VoiceThread4Education—Using VoiceThread in the Classroom
    4. Mashable—Teacher’s Guide to Facebook
    5. Edudemic—Teacher’s Guide to Google Glass
    6. Common Craft—Cloud Computing
    7. eLearning Industry—The Pinterest Guide for Teachers
    8. Alberta Education—Bring Your Own Device: A Guide for Schools
    9. EdTech Review—A Complete Guide on How to Use Socrative
    10. Facebook—Guide for Educators and Community Leaders
    11. Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything—Twitter for Teachers
    12. Schoolwires.net—Edmodo: The Teacher’s Guide
    13. eLearning Infographics—An Infographic Guide to EdTech Trends
    14. Edublogger—The Educator’s Guide to Instagram and Other Photo Apps


    Reading & Literacy

    1. Reading Rockets—Launching Young Readers Guides
    2. Sparknotes—Shakespeare Study Guides by Play
    3. Teacher’s College Press—Free Resource Downloads in PDF
    4. EdGalaxy—Free eBook: Innovative Literacy Ideas
    5. Library of Congress—Teacher’s Guides and Analysis Tools
    6. Library of Congress—Aesop’s Fables: An Interactive Children’s Online Storybook
    7. Teacher Vision—Literature Teaching Guides
    8. TeachThought—51 Sources Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Free eBooks


    Film & Video

    1. TED Talks—Teaching With TED Wiki
    2. Nikos Theodosakis—The Director in the Classroom
    3. Ontario Education—The Student Filmmaker
    4. The Oscars—Teacher Guides: Exploring the Art and Science of Motion Pictures
    5. Film Education—Teaching With Film: Primary
    6. IMAX—Tom Hanks Presents "Magnificent Desolation: Walking On The Moon" Educator's Resource Guide
    7. The History Channel—Classroom Study Guides
    8. Teachweb2—Vimeo for Teachers
    9. MLC—TV, Media, and Video Production Teacher Resources
    10. Knowmia—How to Create Video Lessons
    11. Corel—Bringing Easy Video to the Classroom
    12. Google Ed—Training: YouTube in the Classroom
    13. Educator’s Technology—Youtube Channels for Teachers
    14. TeachThought—9 Tips for Smarter Teaching with YouTube


    Digital Citizenship

    1. Andrew Churches—Educational Origami: The Digital Citizen
    2. Open Colleges—Cyber Safety: An Interactive Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet
    3. Wiki Educator—Digital Citizenship
    4. Commonsense Media—Free Digital Literacy and Citizenship iBooks
    5. Microsoft.com—“Fostering Digital Citizenship” Whitepaper (PDF download)
    6. Alberta Education—Digital Citizenship Policy Development Guide
    7. Edudemic—A Visual Guide to Teaching Students Digital Citizenship Skills
    8. Open Thinking Wiki—Digital Citizenship
    9. K12 Digital Citizenship—Digital Citizenship Guides and Presentations
    10. Slideshare—Guide to Digital Citizenship by Josh Tenenbaum


    Visual Design & Presentation

    1. An Ethical Island—How To Make an Infographic
    2. The Teaching Center—Improving Presentation Style
    3. Garr Reynolds—Presentation Zen: How to Design & Deliver Presentations Like a Pro (pdf)
    4. WWW2—Using PowerPoint Presentations in Teaching
    5. Karina Barley—Keynote in the iPad Classroom (YouTube video): Part One, Part Two, Part Three
    6. Ryerson.ca—Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation
    7. Build-Website—Web Design 101
    8. CollegeInfoGeek—The Ultimate Guide To Building A Personal Website
    9. Skilled Up—The 20 Best Free Beginner HTML Tutorials for Students of Web Development
    10. Educator’s Technology—Great Tips and Tools for Creating Digital ePortfolios
    11. Creative Bloq—How to Design a Poster: 10 Pro Tips
    12. Vandelay Design—35+ Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Your Own Posters
    13. Company Folders—The Recipe for a Perfect Logo
    14. Mashable—7 KIller Tips for Logo Designing
    15. Wikihow—How to Design a Logo


    Health & Wellness

    1. TeacherVision—Health and Nutrition Teacher Resources
    2. Nourish Interactive—Nutrition and Health Educators Printable Educational Resources
    3. Halton.ca—Teachers and Educators Oral Health Education Guides
    4. KidsHealth—Free Teacher Guides
    5. Learning to Give—Resources for Teaching About Giving and Civic Engagement
    6. Alberta Health Services—Mental Health Kit for Middle School
    7. USDA Nutrition—Serving Up My Plate: A Yummy Curriculum
    8. Health Canada—Interactive Food Guide
    9. NHS.UK—Exercise and Study: Tips for Students
    10. WebMD—12 Sneaky Exercises for Students


    Special Guides

    1. Edudemic—Guide to Digital Scavenger Hunts
    2. ETFO—The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning
    3. StudyGS—250+ Free Study Guides and Strategies
    4. Alicechristie.org—Dr. Alice Christie's "Virtual Field Trips" Resource Guide
    5. Kids.gov—Core Subject Project Guides, Activity Worksheets, and Lesson Plans K–8
    6. Launchpad Toys—Parent and Teacher Guide for Digital Storytelling with Toontastic for iPad (Get Toontastic for iPad: http://www.launchpadtoys.com/toontastic/)
    7. Science Buddies—STEM Project Guides
    8. Periodictable.com—Interactive Peiodic Table of the Elements
    9. NASA—A-Z List of NASA Educational Publications
    10. Open Colleges—Online Interactive Brain Map

    More Tools from Us at GDCF!

    We also have our own unique free educational resources for teachers like you. At the Global Digital Citizen Foundation's resources page, you'll find things like:

    • 21st Century Fluency guides
    • PBL ideas
    • Colour theory examples
    • Digital citizenship agreements
    • Critical thinking exercises and games
    • An exploration of essential questions

    It's all there plus more. They're all free, so help yourself to even more terrific tools!

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