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    8 Must-Try Creative Image Maker Tools for Class Projects

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    8 Must-Try Creative Image Maker Tools for Class Projects

    Students and teachers alike continue to look for cool design tools to give any project that extra visual punch, and we continue to find great ones all over the Web. This post features 7 fairly unique free online creative image maker tools that are easy to learn and lots of fun to experiment with.

    Make things like motivational posters, memes, Keep Calm posters, Webcam pics, and so much more with these great image generators. Have fun trying them out and having students add creative flair to lesson projects of every kind.


    Motivator by Big Huge Labs lets you create your own motivational posters. It's a simple tool to use; upload a photo (.jpg files only) and add your motivational text.


    Customize your colours and borders and you're done. It generates a nice-looking poster that's easy to share on social media.

    Image Chef

    Image Chef is a blast to use for creating memes, framed pics, word clouds, montages and tons of other interesting designs. Click on Create and browse the list of potential projects you can dive into to get started. The tools for each project are super-simple to learn.



    Fotojet is a creative tool for making different kinds of collages. It starts with choosing a template for construction—a comic, a magazine cover, a social media post or banner, a classic collage, and more. Then, upload a collection of photos and begin working with them in your template to create your design. You can even add photos right from a Facebook page if you wish.


    Once your collage is done, you can share it on Facebook or save it as a JPG/PNG for sharing elsewhere, or for printing to add to your visual project.


    Cameroid is very similar to Photo Booth for Mac in that it's a tool for taking Webcam pics and then adding cool effects. It uses the built-in camera on your laptop, and from there you can choose from a selection of custom frames, photo filters, or scenes for your snapshot.



    Pixteller is for generating posters and social media banners for Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Like some of the tools mentioned previously, projects are fully customizable in terms of colours, background images, and text.



    Photonotes lets you give a vintage flair to your images. You can create retro-style Polaroid snapshot images and add your own text to them at the bottom, just like in the old days.



    KeepCalm-O-Matic is a tool that gives a nod to a big social media trend, which is creating your own "Keep Calm" posters and images. You've seen them all over and now you can create your own with this fun online tool.



    Imgflip is designed for generating memes, GIFs (from image and video), and fun pie charts. What you create can be made private or you can share them with friends on social media and track their popularity.


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