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    7 Ways to Bring Digital Learning Into Your Classroom

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    7 Ways to Bring Digital Learning Into Your Classroom

    Digital learning has completely changed the landscape of education. There are so many ways that high-tech ideas can enhance and contribute to a classroom that the options are endless. As a teacher, you have access to improvements that can help students learn in bright new ways.

    Kids nowadays are more adept at using and being open to experiencing new technology than ever before—it’s like second nature to them. They have this advantage because they were born into a whole new world of tablets and touch screens.

    Innovative and engaging digital learning environments are not only the new model to follow, but they’re the wave of future learning as well. You can transform your classroom using unique strategies like these that focus on digital learning and interaction. Most of these ideas can be scaled up or down for higher or lower grade levels depending on the learners you’re teaching. Here are 7 ways to make your classroom into a digital learning playground.

    1. Get An Interactive Whiteboard

    This is a modern digital learning piece of equipment that is absolutely essential for any tech-savvy classroom today. It’s set up to take over traditional chalkboard learning methods and all classrooms should have them standard. You might have to advocate for your classroom to get one, but they are so worthwhile to have. Whiteboards are the cornerstone of digital learning practices taking over old and outdated methods. Usually, the whiteboard will come with a projector for even more ease in setting up lectures and presentations.

    2. Start A Student-Run Blog For The Class

    Another idea to incorporate modern learning is setting up a blog for the classroom that’s student-run. You can go a step further and have them also work on a website for your class. Build the site from start to finish for a real-world skill in digital learning that will come in handy for their future. As far as the blog goes, have your students assigned a posting schedule each week, so that everyone gets their turn to contribute to the blog. You can easily make this a part of the classroom’s engagement all year long.

    3. Multi-Media Presentations

    With a tablet, Chromebook, or laptop you can have students learn how to give multimedia presentations like Powerpoint or Google Doc Slides for Chromebook in a whole new way. These types of digital media presentations are much more modern than the old “poster board and marker” route students used to have to employ for showcasing their projects in front of the class.

    4. Smartphone Video Projects

    Smartphones have many uses in the digital learning playground, and making video projects with them is perfect for this environment. A classroom tablet is easy to do this with as a filming device, but most students have their own smartphones to work on this project. With all different kinds of subject matter, you can have students film commercials, programs, newscasts, and other types of video projects, and even short films they create themselves. There are also programs that help them edit and produce their work in a more professional way that is easy to learn.

    5. Create A Classroom Podcast

    Another digital learning idea is to create a classroom podcast. You can center the subject matter around anything that you are learning, but history and science topics make great ideas for podcasts. Book discussions on language arts topics are also great to explore. On the other side, you can also have students listen to current podcasts that correspond with things they are learning.

    6. Skype A Speaker Into The Classroom

    Skype is a great way to connect with digital learning overseas. You can even have speakers contribute to classroom talks by interacting with them online through Skype. Some great guest speakers can enhance the learning process by really getting the students interested in topics that seem flat on paper. They come alive with the right speaker to spark their interest.

    7. Field Trip Without Leaving The Classroom

    Through digital learning, kids can explore places they might not have a chance to normally go to. A field trip without leaving the classroom is a great way to experience this idea. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality system that only requires an app and a $15 piece of cardboard. Students can hook up their own smartphones or ones that you use in the classroom to experience this amazing program for digital learning through virtual reality.

    Having a digital learning model in the classroom will not only make your students more comfortable and familiar with technology, but since they are so naturally great with all things digital it can engage them in a way that makes learning even more fun for them.

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