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    A 52-Second Guide To Ending Procrastination

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    A 52-Second Guide To Ending Procrastination

    Via Huffington Post

    It's that time of year again. Final papers are being written, work projects are wrapping up and there's so much holiday shopping to do.

    But every time you set out to tackle that lengthy to-do list, you plop back down on the couch to stalk your ex on Facebook for the fifth time that day and watch a few episodes of "Gilmore Girls." Sound familiar?

    Procrastination is tough to tackle, and it doesn't help that every time we indulge in enjoyable time-wasting activities, like cute kitten videos,  we get a little happy spike.

    Fast Company's video (above) has seven helpful tips for beating procrastination. The good news? The clip is only 52 seconds long, so it won't even take up that much of your time. Score.

    This article was featured on Huffington Post on December 2 2014 and was written by Leigh Weingus, a TV editor for Huffington Post. The video in the article was produced by Fast Company.

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