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    5 Strategies for Building a Successful Flipped Math Class

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    5 Strategies for Building a Successful Flipped Math Class

    When using a concept for flipped math class, it's important to understand how it will enrich your students. There are a number of ways to integrate technology and modern teaching methods into any math classroom that will be beneficial to both the teacher and students. 

    If you're interested in flipped learning in math, you must consider the students and the technology available. Everyone must have access to the resources needed outside of the classroom to make this effective.

    Once you get this nailed down, you can implement lessons that will assist in teaching the concepts needed to grasp the information. Here are five of the best strategies for creating your best flipped math class.


    Plan the lessons in advance. This will help you utilize a number of resources to make your lesson engaging, interesting and easy to comprehend. There should be online quizzes after each section to see how well the students are grasping the concepts. This will also assist in reshaping certain areas that may need additional attention.

    Introduce Concepts in Class

    Math can be very complex, regardless of which area is being introduced. Going over the concepts in class to make sure the students understand the terms is crucial in a successful application of those concepts outside of the classroom.

    Use Math Apps

    There are a number of apps available that comprehensively break down math in a simple and easy-to-understand manner using scenarios that most students can relate to. 

    This article from TeachThought features a whole list of apps that are both fun to use and Common Core-aligned. Apps can be useful for study not only at home, but also while on the go. Utilizing these strategies will meet the students in their comfort zones, as most students use apps on a regular basis.


    Have clear videos that demonstrate how to master a concept and solve problems in a number of ways. There should be at least three different ways to assist students—simple, intermediate and advanced. 

    Every student learns at a different pace. Tracking which videos are being watched from a student login will give you a better ideas as an instructor which students need more help than others.

    Check out this terrific math video example from YouTube educator Katie Gimbal. This is a prime example of how a flipped math class can be both engaging and beneficial.

    Student Teaching

    One of the ideal aspects of using flipped learning is the ability to see what students have understood once you return to the classroom. By breaking students into sections based on what videos they watched, each one can teach a portion of the lesson to others to ensure everyone is on the same page.

    Using these ideas as a guide to your lessons for flipped learning in math will provide deeper insight into what concepts need more instruction, what types of exams should be developed and administered, and which applications are most useful for the students. The resources and methods you use for your class will make a tremendous difference in the learning curve.

    Editor's note: This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Apr 14, 2018, updated Dec 15, 2021

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