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    30 Universal Learning Ventures That Will Challenge Any Student

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    30 Universal Learning Ventures That Will Challenge Any Student

    All over the world, a. miraculous shift is happening in education, a shift from content to process. To make this easily approachable, we considered what kinds of activities any teacher could familiarize themselves with quickly in order to engage in this shift themselves. It was when we came across 30 Universal Strategies For Learning by TeachThought's Terry Heick that we knew we'd found something special. The activities he shares are geared toward the upper end of Bloom's taxonomy—exactly the kinds of universal learning ventures any global student can appreciate.

    When we talk about placing learning at the higher end of Bloom's Taxonomy, we're really talking about challenging our learners to develop higher-order thinking and creation abilities. These 30 universal learning ventures provided by Terry do exactly that.

    In his article, Terry stresses that the level of challenge provided by any activity we give students is a crucial consideration for us as teachers. It is, after all, about encouraging our learners' highest development as global citizens and lifelong learners:

    " ... to improve learning in both self-directed and teacher-centered learning environments, it can be illuminating to look past the activities, projects, and courses to try to see what sort of brain-level actions learners are performing. Like push-ups, wind sprints, and weight training are physical actions that help train an athlete’s body, what kind of cognitive actions train a learner’s mind?"

    The universal learning ventures below are aimed at self-directed learning development and exercising the HOTS end of Bloom's Taxonomy. Use some of them as an instant mindset shift, or as bigger projects that can evolve into creating a critical solution to a real-world problem. If you want to know more, read Terry's article 30 Universal Strategies For Learning on TeachThought.

    30 Universal Learning Ventures for Your Learners

    1. Challenge something
    2. Make an observation
    3. Draw a conclusion
    4. Question something
    5. Revise a question based on observation & data
    6. Critique something
    7. Explain the significance
    8. Revise something
    9. Transfer a lesson or philosophical stance from one situation to another
    10. Improve a design
    11. Identify a cause and effect
    12. Compare and contrast two or more things
    13. Create and test models and theories
    14. Separate causes from symptoms
    15. Identify the primary and secondary causes of a problem
    16. Narrate the nuanced history of a concept, theory, idea, problem, or opportunity
    17. Adapt something for a new need or circumstance
    18. Make a prediction and observe what occurs
    19. Examine an idea from multiple perspectives
    20. Narrate a sequence
    21. Study and visually demonstrate nuance
    22. Identify and explain a pattern
    23. Study the relationship between text and subtext
    24. Elegantly emphasize nuance
    25. Emphasize what others commonly misunderstand about an idea
    26. Critically evaluate a socially-accepted idea
    27. Extract a lesson from nature
    28. Take & defend a position
    29. Record notes during and after observation of something
    30. Form a theory & revise it based on observation and/or data

    Where Universal Learning Ventures Come Alive

    The very best platform for applying these activities and others in your everyday teaching is on Wabisabi. It's a place for you to build excitement and appreciation for authentic learning every day. Enjoy real-time reporting against your standards, and sharing evidence of learning in media-rich creative student portfolios they build themselves. Additionally, you can make use of our resources section to supplement your practice, where you'll find dozens of quality guides and posters to enhance what you bring to your classroom.

    Wabisabi is more than just a place to teach and learn—it's a community of like-minded educators from around the world committed to students achieving their highest levels of capability. Join the Wabisabi community today and see the possibilities.


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