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    25 Real-World Discussion Topics for Learners to Explore Together

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    25 Real-World Discussion Topics for Learners to Explore Together

    At the heart of every collaborative learning experience you'll find lively and passionate discussions on the topics at hand. What kind of real-world discussion topics for learners will engage and inspire them to have such conversations?

    In our work with schools, we've seen a positive learning revolution happening in global classrooms everywhere. Students are being given significant problems with a real-world connection to tackle, and owning them start to finish. Not only are they focused on solutions, but they're also using creativity and innovation to surprise teachers at every turn. Above all, they are making meaningful interactions with each other as they work together to solve problems that matter. It all starts with constructive and lively discussions that let opinions be shared and voices be heard.

    The following real-world discussion topics for learners are some that you can build lessons from on a small or large scale. Let them serve as great conversation topics, or as the basis for deeper learning and problem-solving quests. You can also use them for:

    • Classroom debates
    • Persuasive writing exercises
    • Online polls
    • Virtual collaborative discussions with other schools

    25 Real-World Discussion Topics for Learners 

    1. What qualities do we need in a potential world leader that we've never had before? 
    2. What alternate sources of energy might we need to turn to in the next 50 to 60 years, and how can we provide them?
    3. How can we help people struggling in underprivileged regions of the world lead better lives?
    4. How can we make our school better using what resources we have available?
    5. Does our technology connect us more, or isolate us more? Why do you feel this way?
    6. Why is having values and beliefs important and how can we form them independently?
    7. What are some more engaging alternatives to homework that we could use in our class?
    8. Which words or phrases do we overuse, and what would be some better ones?
    9. Are schools designed more for male or female students? Why do you feel this way?
    10. Of the two, which is more important: having talent or working hard? Why?
    11. Is homeschooling better than traditional education? Why or why not?
    12. What are the advantages of letting students direct their own learning?
    13. Does classroom technology enhance how we learn, or is it just getting in the way? Why?
    14. Does Facebook need a "Dislike" button? What would be the immediate and long-term effects of this feature?
    15. How can we better protect ourselves in our online environments?
    16. What is a "sellout", and what popular artists do you consider to be "sellouts" and why?
    17. How do you define the term “perfection” in contrast to how it is portrayed in our pop culture media?
    18. What are the benefits and consequences of questioning/challenging authority?
    19. How can we best express ourselves even when we don’t know another’s language?
    20. What is “art” and why do individual cultures place so much value on its continuing evolution?
    21. How is our perception of good and evil shaped by our films, books, and video games?
    22. Why is it crucial to consider the effects of our words and actions on other people?
    23. Why is it necessary for long-term health and wellness to achieve balance in our lives, and how can we achieve it?
    24. What personal qualities do you have that help you deal with conflict, challenge, and adversity?
    25. Are there universal characteristics of belief systems that are common across all cultures? What are they and how can they bring us together?


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