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    25 Great Online Education Tools Modern Teachers Love Using

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    25 Great Online Education Tools Modern Teachers Love Using

    Teacher toolboxes in the modern teaching environment are many and diverse. Most include trusted standbys like Evernote, Google tools, Edmodo, Wikispaces, and others. Of course, everybody has their own favourite sites and tools, but the fact remains teacher toolboxes need terrific education tools. If you’re looking for something  different, though, you might be interested in what’s below.

    We’re always scouring the Web looking for new ideas to share and new education tools for teaching and learning are cropping up all the time. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track, so that’s why many of the tools here in the following list are suggestions provided by you. For this we thank you, and our community thanks you.

    Here we have 25 different education tools to add to teacher toolboxes that we haven’t explored before. Discover the applications they could have in your own practices. In addition, many of them are also shareable with students. You can all learn about them as you proceed with your learning adventures. As always, we welcome your suggestions as well.


    25 Great Education Tools for Teacher Toolboxes

    1. Future Focused Learning Network—Our own global online professional learning network! Inspiring masterclasses, rich resources and the positive support you need to improve instruction and enhance outcomes.
    2. A Web Whiteboard—The perfect tool for class brainstorming sessions. This is an online whiteboard app for computer, tablet, or smartphone.
    3. Articulate—A great tool for creating online learning courses. 19 of 20 top-ranked universities currently employ this platform.
    4. Artsy—This is a beautiful resource for art collection and education. Lots of tools make it an ideal resource for art classes.
    5. Coursera—What do you want to learn? Whatever it is, it’s likely on Coursera. They’ve got over 16 million learners taking over 1500 courses right now.
    6. Marshmallow Coding—A fun unique way for younger students to learn the power of code.
    7. Unicheck—This is one of the most powerful plagiarism checkers on the Web today. Unplag is a safe secure tool with lots of educator features.
    8. Edpuzzle—A big booster for flipped learning teachers. Customize regular videos with engaging interactive learning tools. You can even track students’ actions and progress with this tool.
    9. EdX—Another bank of online courses for personalized learning. This tool features content from many top universities around the world.
    10. Focus Booster—This is a time tracking and productivity app. It works off the Pomodoro technique. It features instant timesheet recording and visual progress graphs.
    11. Formative—This is an amazing formative assessment app. Create an assignment and get live results from students. Present them with real-time feedback in an instant, too.
    12. Homeroom Mom—A unique online support community. They share tips and tools for working with parents and teachers. They’ve also got ideas for all sorts of class projects.
    13. Lightsail—An e-reading program that helps teachers support independent reading in students. You can monitor progress and give assessment and feedback in real time.
    14. Notability—Note-taking was never this much fun. It’s a feature-rich tool available for Mac devices. Write, sketch, and interact with your notes.
    15. PearDeck—A wonderful interactive presentation tool. Engage your whole class with presentations you control from your computer. Students respond to your built-in questions using a wide range of tools.
    16. Plickers—This is a simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data. This happens without the need for student devices. It’s for everything from quick checks to measuring deep understanding.
    17. Pocket—A bookmarking tool for teachers on the go. Save articles, videos, images, and lots more for later viewing. You can also save from Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.
    18. Rescue Time—This is a non-intrusive time tracker program. It shows you how much time you spend on your websites and apps. You get detailed reports of where your time is going online.
    19. Schoology—A powerful K–12 and higher ed learning management system. Create content, design lessons, and assess understanding with this tool.
    20. Socrative—Socrative lets you to engage and assess your students as learning happens. There are tools for real-time quizzing, generating results, and visualizing progress.
    21. Teaching Channel—This is a video resource for professional development. It covers the core subjects and all grades. There are also 15 professional development topics to explore here.
    22. TEDEd—TED’s tradition of excellence continues here with this teaching resource. Watch videos, explore lessons, and view learning series compilations of all kinds.
    23. TurnItIn—This is an interactive rubric for analyzing the quality of Internet sources students use in writing. Sites are evaluated based on authority, educational value, intent, originality, and quality.
    24. VideoScribe—This tool lets you create whiteboard-style animations—no design or technical experience needed. You can add images, text, music and voiceover to your animations.
    25. Wolfram Alpha—Whatever you want to calculate or research, this electronic genius can do it. Enter a topic or choose from a wide range of knowledge fields. Go Pro if you want even better results.

    Editor's note: This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Jun 16, 2018, updated September 17, 2021

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