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    10 Assignment Checklist Questions Learners Should Always Ask

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    10 Assignment Checklist Questions Learners Should Always Ask

    When it comes time to grade assignments from your learners, anything can happen. From incomplete or unlabeled work to chronic illegibility and partial referencing, it's all on the table. To that end, this list of useful assignment checklist questions will help learners refine projects before submission. It will also make grading work ultimately a lot more pleasant for you as a teacher.

    These are among the most important assignment checklist questions your kids can have at their disposal. They cover pretty much all the bases. If you have any others you feel would be useful, feel free to share them with us.

    10 Solid Assignment Checklist Questions for Learners

    1. Is this my very best effort? This is a good question to begin with. A deep reflection on how well they feel they've done personally is a healthy introspective exercise in critical thinking.
    2. Did I do what the assignment required and follow all directions? Even in a classroom where creativity is king, the basics still matter. This is about them making sure they've fulfilled the foundational requirements of the assignment and that nothing's missing.
    3. Have I put my name on it? Although it may seem obvious, teachers know students still forget to do this sometimes. On our list of assignment checklist questions, this is one of the most crucial.
    4. Is the research I've included current and accurate? The skills of Information Fluency come into play here in a big way. Using analysis and authentication techniques, students should make sure all their included research is relevant and up-to-date.
    5. Have I correctly cited all my sources and references? Once your learners have confirmed the accuracy and currency of their information, this is next. Here's a solid article on source citing from Plagiarism.org with useful tips for your learners.
    6. How have I expressed my own creativity and independence? All the assignments you get from learners, whether produced in groups or not, have their own stamp on them. Every student is unique, so each assignment will be in some way. Encourage your learners to explore how they've used their creative and independent thinking qualities in their work.
    7. Is it properly formatted and legible? It's all in the details, and details like this matter to the overall assignment's effectiveness. In fact, this question goes hand in hand with the next two assignment checklist questions below.
    8. Has spelling and grammar been double-checked? When checking legibility and formatting, also have learners proofread for typos. This can and should happen more than once, since things can get missed on a single once-through. Additionally, your learners can also check each other's work to put a fresh pair of eyes on it.
    9. Am I missing anything that matters? Even the most attentive learners can omit something vital from an assignment. It could be something simple like an image or simple doc. On the other hand it could be a vital piece of information that can throw the whole project sideways. Either way, it never hurts to check. And check again.
    10. What can I improve before I submit this? The final question, which is essentially a re-visitation of the first. Your learners should put some thought into this one and consider what they can improve on, even if it's too late to change anything before submission time.

    Editor's note: This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Feb 2, 2018, updated Dec 16, 2021

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