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    How The Wabisabi App Helps Parents Celebrate Their Child's Learning

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    How The Wabisabi App Helps Parents Celebrate Their Child's Learning

    If you’re a teacher who is using the Wabisabi app, you already know how powerful and verstaile it is for planning, assessing, and reporting. However, you also know that the community built around it also welcomes parents to get involved in the learning journey too. So what features of Wabisabi will parents find helpful in monitoring their child's development?

    Let’s take a look at how a learner’s parents can check out what’s happening in the classroom straight from home. 

    Connecting to a Learner’s Portfolio

    One of Wabisabi’s most rewarding features for students is media-driven portfolios. Student portfolios are one of the best ways to capture evidence of learning due to the high level of creativity and organizational ability they can develop in learners.

    With Wabisabi, every learner documents their learning in a portfolio of their own using images, video, notes, URLs, and much more. Viewing these portfolios as a parent is easy—all you need to do is respond to an invite from your child’s teacher by clicking on the link you’ll receive inviting you to join the class. From there you can either log into an existing account or create one to get started. 

    Then all you need to do is choose your child from the class list, and you’ll be able to view their learning portfolio instantly. You can even switch to view different learners if you have more than one child in the same class.


    View How Your Child is Being Assessed

    Most parents are familiar with standards-based grading. They know that children learn alongside specific standards and objectives while in school, but many aren’t familiar with exactly what they are. Wabisabi reveals the mystery for parents by allowing them to view which standards kids are working with on their projects.


    Viewing achievements allows you to cycle through standards categories and view all standards your child is being assessed against. 

    Join a Class, Join the Community

    Just as Wabisabi welcomes learners of all sorts, we embrace parents as being just as unique as the children they have in today’s classes. That’s why we want you to join in the fun of watching the learning happen right alongside teachers and students. Learn more about how Wabisabi works, and discover a whole new way to celebrate your child’s learning.

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